Welcome to Document Management Solutions (DMS).

The fact that you are visiting our site means that you are serious about managing your organization’s physical and electronic information, in a secure, efficient and cost effective manner.

Many organizations irrespective of their size or function generate large volumes of paper and electronic documents. As the business grows, as do the number of files and the time and effort required to manage them.

At DMS we acknowledge that each client is unique and as such each client has their own unique requirements. DMS, together with our strategic niche partners, is able to offer our clients a tailor-made full document management solution, whether it is an electronic environment, a physical paper environment or a combination of both.

By outsourcing their document management requirements to DMS, clients are not only assured of excellent tailor-made solutions from top niche service providers, the entire process is managed on their behalf by DMS, leaving our clients free to focus on their core competencies and secure in the knowledge that their documents are securely stored and easily retrievable.