Data Capture

Data capture is a vital part of any electronic environment and if not done correctly will result in information and files being difficult to retrieve.

Depending on the availability and format of existing information, the number of index values required and the method of capture of the required values, this function can be the most time consuming and costly of the entire conversion process.  For this reason, many scanning bureaus and client’s with in-house conversion departments prefer to outsource this function.

DMS offers a Data Capture service either as part of the full document conversion process or on its own.

To ensure accuracy of the index values, DMS uses sophisticated and extremely versatile indexing software to name the electronic files. The indexing software is able to name the files using single/double key manual capture, database return values, OCR, barcodes or a combination of the above methods.

Our software can also export the electronic files in JPEG, PDF or TIFF format.

If the files are required in PDF format, all index values are stored in the metadata of the PDF document.

In addition, a detailed schedule of the documents indexed, together with all index values, is provided to the client in either CSV, Excel or Access format.