Document Conversion

Many companies have procedure manuals or documents in their possession where the only copy available is in physical paper format and the document needs to be recreated, updated or customized.

With the use of sophisticated scanners and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, DMS is able to recreate the original document and provide you with an exact, but fully editable version in either MS Word, Powerpoint or Excel.

All text and numbers within the converted electronic version are converted into editable text; all illustrations within the document are converted into images; tables are converted as tables with the text and numbers within the tables being editable.

The above procedure allows the text and tables to be edited, cut, copied and pasted and the images to be cut, copied and pasted to anywhere within the document or into another electronic document.

DMS are one of the few service providers who offer the conversion of physical hard copies of spreadsheets and databases into fully functional and editable Excel worksheets and Access databases.