Strategic Partners

We at DMS believe that you cannot be both a jack and master of all trades hence the formation of strategic partnerships with niche service providers.

DMS manages the entire process thus ensuring our clients get the best solution possible, provided by excellent service providers whilst only having to deal with one dedicated point of contact.

Together with our strategic partners we are able to offer our clients the following services.

  • Electronic Document Management  Systems (EDMS)

Due to the fact that we at DMS do not believe in a “One Size Fits All” approach, we have strategic partnerships with two EDMS Service Providers each of which are specialists in their own field and able to offer our clients a SARS approved, extremely secure and fully customised EDMS. In addition both Service Providers are Proudly South African and able to offer excellent and timeous support.


  • Off-site document storage facilities

Unfortunately, paper documents are still a reality and in fact with regard to certain document types are still a requirement. DMS, together with Strategic Partners offer secure off-site storage facilities to clients who wish to store their physical documents in a secure off-site storage facility.

DMS, at no additional cost to the client manage the process on behalf of our clients with regard to Retrieval Manuals, document retention, document destruction and adhoc document retrievals.


  • On-Site document storage set up, materials and infrastructure

Some organisations are fortunate enough to have sufficient space available to manage their archives in-house. DMS are able to supply quality storage boxes, backing boards, file folders, racking, storage cabinets and any other materials required to set up and run an efficient archive.


  • Document destruction services

DMS also offer our clients on-site or off-site bulk document destruction services. These services are usually required when documents have reached their retention periods or after a conversion project where retention of the physical documents is no longer necessary.


  • Data backup and hosting services (Tape and cloud solutions)

DMS offers this service to clients who require secure off-site storage of their back-up media. State of the art on-line cloud services are also offered.

DMS also offer off-site hosting of Web Based Electronic Document Management Systems.